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With our track record of 20 years successful experience in preparing and arranging business and public/private partnerships for our clients, TI Partners is one of Europe’s top practices focused on assisting organisations achieve international growth through collaboration with compatible organisations.

Our wide range of clients in the private sector extends from smaller, privately-held companies, professional services partnerships and private investors to innovative publicly traded corporates.

Our public sector clients include governmental and inter-governmental institutions, EU R&D projects and development agencies.

With offices in London and Stockholm, we work primarily in Europe and the emerging markets of the Middle East and Asia.

With a heritage originating in the satellite industry, we work with clients in some of the fastest growing sectors in the global economy including Aerospace, Fashion, Legal & Professional Services, Media, Medical/Pharmaceutical, PR, Public Sector and Technology.

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Partners Report, November 2017

As TI Partners approaches its 20th anniversary in January 2018, we are conscious of missing both our co-founding German partner, Hans Neisen, who passed away suddenly in 2009; and Filip Vikstrom, who was our Swedish partner from 2012 until his untimely death in late 2016.

Both Hans and Filip contributed enormously to TI Partners, by virtue of their independent perspectives, wide variety of experience across industries and borders, depth of insight, clear-sighted intelligence, commitment, and warmth of personality.

We continue to be proud of the work which TI Partners has done in guiding businesses active in new markets across Europe, North America and the Middle East to grow both faster and at a lower financial cost by seeking out and working together harmoniously with partners in local markets.

Where our clients have been successful with their choice of partners, they have seen dramatic results, substantial increases in valuation, and growth of skills.

Where we have been less successful in securing long term partnerships, our clients have saved themselves a considerable amount of time and money, and encouraged to re-think fundamentally their expansion plans.

We have been particularly encouraged by the adoption of a new international standard, ISO 44001, for collaboration business relationship management.

Prospects for the next 5 to 10 years for our business are encouraging, so long as we can find individuals to join our small team to replace those we have lost.

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