How We Work

We believe the road map for successful relationships needs to be systematic, clearly defined, focused, proactive and, above all, clearly-understood on  all sides.

Our methodology is a “best practice” phased approach designed to maximise the likelihood  of success.

Typically this process involves:

  • Identifying potential partners compatible with our client’s requirements.
  • Assisting our clients to become familiar rapidly with the current strategic priorities of prospective partners.
  • Facilitating access to senior decision-makers.
  • Enabling our client to understand the needs of its prospective partners and vice versa
  • Assisting in the preparation and presentation of proposals, and responding to requests for proposals.
  • Driving forward the information-exchanging, negotiating and closing process.

This staged process enables our clients to set and track deliverables, manage risk, and accelerate or exit programmes which exceed or fall short of target, as circumstances change.

Often working with our client‘s professional advisors and corporate PR agency, TI Partners provides complementary strategic and operational resources.

The full breadth and depth of our professional services across major markets can be applied to programmes of different duration, whether requiring short term support or sustained continuity for medium to long term.

Typically, we complement our core Team with additional expertise, whether industry or geographic, as required; with twenty years of successful experience, we have a large pool of experts in many countries and sectors on whom to call.

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