Business Partnering

In a business partnership, two or more organisations share their expertise, solutions and services to increase their presence in specific market sectors.  We view a business partnership as a long term relationship, which excludes the possibility of competition between the partners.

The direct benefits of business partnering are accelerated growth, increased revenues, enhanced value proposition for the customer and a higher return on investment. Moreover, partnering costs less and can be more flexible than a merger or acquisition.

In an alliance, two or more organisations work together to create a set of solutions or services for the user (s)/ purchaser (s).  Outside the alliance, the parties continue to pursue their own individual strategies and objectives, and may even compete directly.   In our definition, an alliance can be a short term arrangement.

An alliance allows each party to concentrate on activities that best match their capabilities and offers more flexibility than a business partnership.

Our Partnering and Alliance Management Programme  assists our client to define and test strategy; identify, evaluate and engage with compatible organisations;  test the market; and prepare, launch, implement and (when appropriate) exit the partnership/alliance.

Case studies can be provided upon request.

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