Bernt Vikstrom

Bernt VikstromBernt, based near Stockholm, is a director of Technology Investment Partners (Scandinavia) AB, co-founder of TI Partners, and a board member and adviser of several small and medium size companies. Previous positions include co-founder and managing director of several start-ups and SMEs, turn-around manager and financial advisor. Bernt has an MSc degree in engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. Languages: Swedish (native), English, French, German.

Bernt brings to bear his experience of five successful start-ups and Managing Director of three substantial businesses. His special areas of expertise are in the creation of strong systems for start-ups; where a temporary/complementary strengthening of management is necessary, particularly management of a foreign subsidiary; and alliance management.  Bernt has a broad international business experience.

Tel: +46 7 0654 7868
Skype: bernt.vikstrom

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